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In collaboration with: Eli Bay, Stress Expert
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Calm your mind. Relax your body. It's not as easy as it sounds, is it? But when you're stressed, even a simple mediation exercise can provide some relief. Let Eli Bay show you how.

"Transformative meditation is not easy," says Eli Bay, stress expert and founder of The Relaxation Response Institute. "But in its simplest form, meditation can be both relaxing and calming."

According to Eli, some shy away from meditation because it can be very difficult to learn. And indeed it can be. "Meditation has its roots in deep self-investigation and knowing," he explains. "And, like yoga, meditation has many levels of meaning and can take years of training to reach a high level of meditation practice. But starting with a simple meditation exercise does have its benefits, including stress relief."

Let Eli take you through a simple meditation exercise and start getting proactive about your stress relief.

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You can turn to Eli's meditation exercise whenever you wish. "I advise people to not wait until they're stressed to try simple meditation," he says. "Rather, treat it as a preventative measure to our hectic — and often stressful — daily lives."


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